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Business Accounting

Ellsworth Stauffer PC provides a wide range of bookkeeping and accounting services depending on the needs of the client. The majority of our accounting services are done on a monthly basis and clients are provided with monthly detailed financial statements. We utilize Peachtree software by Sage as well as QBDT, QBO and Quicken. We also have several clients that maintain their bookkeeping function in-house, and then have our office review their records on a quarterly or even annual basis. Our accounting services provide reliable and accurate financial statements at year end that make the preparation of tax returns an efficient and streamlined process. Contact us to see how we can best assist you.

Tax Consulting

No one wants to be surprised by a large tax liability that they did not plan for. Our experienced accounting professionals offer tax consulting services to businesses and individuals locally and around the United States for this very purpose. At Ellsworth Stauffer, we are available to sit down with you and go over your financials to see how to best prepare for the year ahead. We also recommend for clients to contact us prior to year-end to go over any potential tax savings that are available for them. We agree with the adage that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. It is impossible to reach your goals if you have not identified what those goals are. Once your goals are defined we can help guide you there.

Tax Preparation

Ellsworth Stauffer provides a full range of tax preparation services including individual tax preparation, corporate returns, and partnership returns. We also prepare trust, gift, and non-profit tax returns when they are needed. We have tax organizers available to help clients in the gathering of the pertinent tax information needed for tax return preparation. We also assist in the filing of extensions and the creation of estimated tax vouchers throughout the year. We work hard to utilize all possible tax savings for our clients. Our clients mean the world to us and we constantly strive for the best possible outcome for them. Contact us for a free review of your prior year’s return. We serve clients locally and throughout the country.

We process payroll for many of our clients. We are able to run payroll through direct deposit to simplify the process if the client desires. We assist in the application and creation of payroll accounts with the state and IRS. We can make the payroll tax payments on our client’s behalf and prepare the quarterly reports. We strive to make payroll as painless as a process as possible. We can run payroll weekly, monthly, or on an annual basis. Our payroll preparation fees and incredibly reasonable and are much lower than corporate chain alternatives. Contact us to get started.
Setting up a business entity can be stressful and confusing. We offer free consultations to discuss the formation of an LLC or corporation and can advise as to which entity selection would be most beneficial to the client. We complete the process from beginning to end in our office. We also assist in the annual filings as required by the state. Contact us with any questions and to begin the process.
We have unlimited rights to represent clients before the IRS. We are in frequent contact with the Internal Revenue Service and Arizona Department of Revenue. If you have received a letter that is making you nervous or you don’t understand, we can help. We are fluent in the tax code and can bring you some ease in deciphering what they are asking or requiring of you. We can even contact them on your behalf and keep you informed on where you stand, without it being your constant worry. Call us to set up a time to review the letters you have received.
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